Evil Doers blow up university students

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    ...The aid package is in effect a taxpayer sponsered stimulus to our own arms industry...

    Well I'd rather have our government give our people subsidies to buy cars for free, buy food for free, clothes for free, education for free, utilities for free, or huge discounts, and I will call it stimulus to our own, auto industry, retail industry, educational system, housing etc.

    either way you sugarcoat it it's out money for them, whoever they might be.

    I have no doubt that Egypt gets some good $$$ too, Syria and Saudis, I don't have url, but if I recall the numbers for Israel and Egypt were 5 billion to 1.5 billion respectively couple of years back.

    Probably to keep hands off Israel.

    It's all about power and money and oil. We have enough troubles in our backyard, and we should be taking care of our own, instead of subsidizing the riches of few select groups.

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  5. Let's widen this discussion out a bit, I didn't intend it to be so focused on Israel... yes, Israel is suffering at the hands of Islamic Terrorism, but the issue here is that the "Ummah" (global network of Muslims) are committed to a "Jihad" (war) against all "Kuffar" (infidels), not just the Semites...

    What is needed is a global approach and global co-operation between all non-muslims, to hit the Islamic Terrorists hard before they can hit us again...

    For example consider how effective the combination of the CIA, Mossad, the (post Soviet) KGB, MI6, Interpol etc etc would be if they developed a globally integrated unit specifically aimed at the identification, targetting and liquidation of Islamic Terrorists... we need to smoke out the Evil Doers before they have even planned their next move against us...
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    There are really two groups. The Palestinians and the Hamas. The Palesinians want peace, economic opportunity, and safety for their familys but the Hamas are the ones with the guns. All the good intentions of the Palestinian people are trumped by the guns. The Palestinian people need to take their life in their hands and overthrow the Hamas. They need to have a revolution and throw all of those scumbags in jail if they want to have a good life for their people. That's what we did here in the US during the revolutionary and civil wars and it worked out pretty well. You always have to pay for your freedom. That's true even on a personal level. The Palestinian people need to kick some ass! It's easier said than done buts that's the way it always is and it's the ONLY way.
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  7. This thoughtful post is why I've only traded about 2 or 3 microcap stocks since Sept. Might want to sell quick and get a good price.


    Active Trader quote written in July[arrived Aug 1/2002 ] but it is from September 2002 issue;

    ''After hours award-Dow Jones Imdustrial Average Index''[page106]:cool:
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    I agree. The people are not represented by the "leaders". The "leaders" care not one bit about the "constituents" they claim to represent. It is all about power and money and guns and total lunacy.
    The Palestinians' only concern is to achieve a better life. Hamas and Arafat would lose their positions of power if that ever came to pass. So again, it becomes about education and money.
    Sometimes you just have to take the risk and hope things work out. We've wasted so much so often.
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    Not forced to leave? lol lol lol....now who doesn't have a grasp of the facts. Begin, a former Prime Minister of Israel was a very accomplished terrorist. He blew up the King David Hotel where close to 100 british civilians were slaughtered. Does the Stern Gang ring any bells??? Look, i don't think this web site is the appropriate place to debate mid east politics, but my god please don't add to the propaganda already out there!!! You do know the definition of a refugee don't you??? can you guess why so many palestinians live in refugee camps???
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    I am just curious, have you ever seen live combat??? i wonder how gung ho you will be when the body bags start coming home. 9/11 was an extreme tradgedy but if we continue along the lines that you suggest it will look like a kindergarten party compared to what will come.
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