Evidences that support the reliability of the Bible

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  1. Been thinking for a while I might start a thread to link sites that show evidences that support the reliability of the Bible.

    Came across this one today. Watched it while demo trading slow moving 5 min candlesticks on the Nasdaq.

    EXODUS REVEALED!! Hard Evidence in Red Sea of Israelite's Escape from Egypt

    Time Stamps:

    6:12 Dr. Frank Moore Cross, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University: “There is again, plenty of extra biblical as well biblical evidence of constant moving back and forth between Palestine and Egypt particularly in times of famine.”

    9:22 Archeologists uncovered a village in the area of Goshen, Egypt, that appears to be Hebraic. Narrator: “Constructed near the time Joseph was believed to have lived in Egypt."

    13:30 Several evidences discussed for the Israelites to have entered Canaan around 1400 to 1200 B.C.

    Then discussion on how the Israelites left Egypt and eventually arrived in Canaan.

    31:17 In an area that could have been where the Israelites camped in the wilderness there is a rock split in half that possibly could have been where God split the rock to provide water for the thirsty Israelites.

    39:45 Dr. Lennart Moller, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden: “Well, I’m a scientist. So I try to analyze things and I try to go to the bottom with different issues and the goal for this trip is to look at the Bible text as a book of history, a book of historical events and that they describe something as real, as happened. And then from the text, try to understand what really could have happened.” Led a search for evidence that resulted in finding chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea in a place where the Israelites could have crossed.

    41:00 Discussion of a specific path that meets the Biblical account.

    1:00:00 Possible wheel of from Egyptian chariots found at the bottom of the Red Sea where the crossing could have occurred.

    1:02:00 Another wheel found. This one is a gilded wheel, likely made of gold or silver and gold.
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    Gee, kinda' like that "face on Mars" pic of a small mound with funny shadowing on a setting sun showing possible proof aliens had colonized Mars.

    If these "scientists" really thought they found a gilded wheel in the coral, they would just excavate the thing!

    Or would that kill the spotted owl in the pacific northwest of North America so it can't be touched?

    It is so confusing. Just like all the people thinking that somehow Exodus could be real. WTF cares? So the Jews ran away from slavery.

    No, Moses did not part the fucking Red Sea, and water did not flow from a split rock. Get a grip, people.
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    I generally do not like to criticize people for their credentials but when it's used in such an obvious way to gain undeserved authority it must be addressed. He deals primarily in DNA research by the admission on his website. A far, far different field than archeology and as far as I can tell has not published any archeological research in a peer reviewed journal. So I'm left to question Moller's ability to properly conduct archeological research. This is important because bad archeological research is worse than none at all.

    There is no doubt the bible is a story book with explanations from laypeople of yore to explain natural phenomena. It is unsurprising to find that biblical stories are sometimes traceable to the physical world. In fact, it's entirely expected. Religion has been used to explain the world prior to the rigorous search for knowledge that science has created. The problem with using God as an argument is it's not rigorously verifiable. It is not enough to just claim something that presently cannot be understood is attributable to a higher power. If we followed that logic we would've never split the atom.

    However, what it appears you are doing here is using some physical evidence of perhaps something related to the bible to justify the mysticism. This is not good science. For example, the assumption that a rock being split "could possibly" be related to God. Not only is this impossible to prove (see: Pascal's Wager) if I was to present you physical evidence it was caused by lightning or an earthquake you would simply attribute these natural phenomenon to a heavenly intervention. Unfortunately that argument leads no where and I'm unwilling to argue with someone who will simply use God as an explanation for anything unclear.

    To be clear I have no intention to sway you away from religion. I do have intention to convince you that the scientists you have linked in this post and previous posts are doing a disservice. It is okay for you to believe what you believe. However, to present such weak evidence as scientific fact is the exact opposite of what science actually is. It feels more to me that you are attempting to convince yourself rather than present a well reasoned argument to convince others.
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  4. Good ol' Frank Turek at it again. How wonderful. LOL
  5. I do agree with you that the rock formation is not something we could ever be certain was the rock mentioned in the Bible. I listed it simply because I personally found it interesting that such a rock that has the potential to have been that rock was found in a location close to what could have been Mt. Sinai.

    There were other areas and items of interest in the video that I did not list because they are not clear evidences. However, they are interesting to me because they also line up with the biblical account.

    I might need to be careful not to list "items of interest" on this thread and stick with actual "evidences." Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    Regarding your concern with Dr. Moller's ability in archaeology, it really doesn't make any difference to me who found the chariot wheels. Could have been a local person, for all I care. Unless the team was lying, and I have no reason to think they were, the fact that it was found in an area that matches the Biblical description, is actually of great interest to me. The wheels are evidences from that period of time. Is there evidence that those chariot wheels were actually the ones from the Pharoah and his army that drowned in the Red Sea? That would be probably impossible to prove. However, the wheels are physical evidences that do exist. They do support the biblical account.
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  6. Dr. Andrew Snelling
    What Are Some Flood Evidences?

    "Six of the Best Evidences of the Flood"
    1. "Sea Creatures buried high in mountains on the continents"

    2. "Rapidly buried plants and animals"

    3. "Rapidly deposited sediment layers right across the continents"

    4. "Long transport distance of sediments"

    5. "Rapid or no erosion between sediment layers"

    6. "Whole rock layer sequences deposited rapidly in quick succession"
    Time stamp 4:18 …..”That means the 300 million years never happened. All those rock layers had to be rapidly deposited in quick succession during the flood year. So, you see, when you ask the right question you get the right answers. Who are we going to believe? The scientists who weren’t there, who don’t know everything, sometimes make mistakes? Or the Word of God, Who was there, Who saw what happened and told us what happened during the flood. And what we see in God’s world agrees with what we read in God’s Word."

    Dr. Andrew Snelling holds a PhD in geology from the University of Sydney, Australia.
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    Do these evidences support the flood story from the Bible more than the many conflicting flood stories from other cultures/religions?

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  8. This is a great question.

    Yes, the evidences from physical science do support a global flood more than local flood explanations.

    The fact that there are so many flood stories, even if conflicting, is very interesting. Logically speaking, wouldn't it seem that if the biblical account is correct and the human race was wiped out except for the 8 people on board the ark, then as people multiplied and dispersed, each of the groups would feel that their clan began after being saved from a large flood? The stories would change, just like kids whispering a sentence and passing it on in the game “telephone.” The original sentence rarely looks anything like what the last kid ends up saying, but sometimes there is a resemblance.

    According to “The Flood of Noah and the Flood of Gilgamesh“ https://www.icr.org/article/noah-flood-gilgamesh/ , “There have been numerous flood stories identified from ancient sources scattered around the world.4 The stories that were discovered on cuneiform tablets, which comprise some of the earliest surviving writing, have obvious similarities. Cuneiform writing was invented by the Sumerians and carried on by the Akkadians. Babylonian and Assyrian are two dialects of the Akkadian, and both contain a flood account. While there are differences between the original Sumerian and later Babylonian and Assyrian flood accounts, many of the similarities are strikingly close to the Genesis flood account.”

    The video I’m posting in the next post is also about physical evidences of a global flood. I might post some more resources for more evidences for a global flood at some point.
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  9. 2 minute video

    That’s a Fact: Global Flood

    “Continuous water deposited rock layers span whole continents. That doesn’t happen with local or regional floods today.”

    “Some of the highest mountain peaks including Everest have fossilized marine creatures.”

    “Most geologists say that the extensive rocks and fossils must have taken great lengths of time to form. But this extends today’s slow paced local geologic processes into the past by overlooking earth’s evidence for a fast paced catastrophic world wide flood’s effects.”

    This video is produced by ICR.

    ICR conducts laboratory, field, theoretical, and library research on projects that seek to understand the science of origins and Earth history. ICR scientists have conducted multi-year research projects at key locations such as Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens, Yosemite Valley, and Santa Cruz River Valley in Argentina, and on vital issues like Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE), Flood-Activated Sedimentation and Tectonics (FAST), the human genome, soft tissue in fossils, and other topics related to geology, genetics, astro/geophysics, paleoclimatology, paleobiochemistry, and much more. https://www.icr.org/who-we-are
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    But these came before the Genesis version, so I'd think the story in the Bible was borrowed from an earlier one.

    And from the same web page,
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