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  1. evidence undeniable

    Courtesy ABC News camera ch7 (missile pod shown? What is under the 767?)

    the clip http://www.letsroll911.org/images/fairbanks.close.swf

    Courtesy CNN News camera, live footage slown down.

    Another angle, slown down, missile and the lunch plume just before impact

    It's Still to Fast, Slow it Down, Come on, SLOW!!

    Now notice below, that even when the 767's fuel tanks which are located in the wings, are shredded, there are no flames, orange fireballs, sparks, or anything red, orange, yellow or white. Thats simply because the planes fuel hasn't ignited yet.

    more http://letsroll911.org/ipw-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?t=3
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    We should get those guys from CSI to enhance the images. On that show they can always take the fuzziest images and make them really crsip. :p
  3. I was never up in the World Trade Center towers, so I have a pretty basic question. Were there windows on all floors up and down both towers?
  4. yeah, dude, it's a "missile pod."

    why are you spreading this obvious crap? it's bad enough this event happened to begin with, let alone conspiracy nuts like you posting this bs all over the place muddying the water.

    it's probably just a freaking shadow from an engine.
  5. I just like watching reruns of the jet flying into the towers... over and over and over and over and over....

    I actually use video-enhancing software to overlay the scene with different characters riding on the nose of the plane. Scooby-Doo, Mickey Mouse. I even got Bill Gates riding on it. It's cool with Bill because I zoom in right before the jet crashes into the tower, his mouth is open really big :O - after the crash he pops out the other side of the building unscathed except his mouth is crammed full of computer hardware.

    I even got Bush on the tip in one video segment - right before the crash I zoom in on him - he's whackin off looking at pics in an Islam Today mag and laughing hysterically while giving a speech a moment before impact - cannot put here what is happening to him when HE comes out the other side.


  6. No accusations of doctoring today, like last time?
    "obvious crap?" Attacking the poster, does not invalidate the videos, neither diminishes the accuracy of CNN, ABC, camera coverage of the event. The videos, stills, show a distinct, inexplicable object on underside of the 767.

    "obvious crap" ? like the passports with the hijacker's pics survived the fires, survived the building collapses, and they were identified within hours as the perpetrators, BUT the black boxes are still a mystery? "dude" I got some swamp land in Fla to sell you, courtesy of US gov ofc. (very cheap too) Don't be so naive.
  7. Are you suggesting that someone at the airport placed a missle pod on the 767 (without anyone seeing it) and the plane was allowed to take off without anyone at the ariport noticing it?

    If so then you are a f**king nut!
  8. i wish you were on it :D
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    >Missile? exiting building 2?

    Nope. Clearly a giant dildo. I can assure you that Larry Flynt is involved in this mess somehow.

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