Evidence that SP/DOW Bulls should BEWARE...a must read here....SHORTS will agree 100%

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  1. Evidence that SP/DOW Bulls should BEWARE...a must read here....SHORTS will agree 100%...here it is...

    *30 year TBond and 10 Year Note at 4 month highs...and...trending higher...in fact the 30 year nearing the year high mark of 122.28

    *SP/DOW just about 1 month up from 1 year LOW!!

    *Crude Oil at 4 month low but finding amazing 2 week or so support at $111-$112...could begin the explosion to upward trend...again...

    SUMMARY: SP/DOW trading sidewise and now downwards...hmmm...

    Bulls...lets hear your defense...

    Bears...add to the Bear Market" case here...
  2. I agree, sort of, that we've not seen the end of the bear market. There's more to come.
  3. please note...I am for the great US economy...I want to see DOW 16,000...but...the BEAR evidence is there...
  4. Bearish at the moment, but if we break today's high, we're going much higher IMO.

    We're in a critical point actually at the moment.

    Your "opinion" isn't really going to make much difference though to be honest.
  5. your right...my opinion means nothing...but you do confirm my point that we are at a critical point...DOW/SP must break the resistance and if 30 yr and 10 yr bust through their current resistance levels..watch out below for the SP/DOW...could set new year lows...
  6. No I don't, we broke the high. Nice money to be made ont it. Hope you didn't get hurt too bad.

    Keep an open mind next time.
  7. I was WRONG!...but...are all gains lost with hurricane next week?
  8. doublea


    Here is what I think, we'll see 1360 before 1200 but the bear market is far from over.

    Right now the best bet is to buy at 1260 and sell at 1300. Once we close above 1300....buy at 1280 sell at 1320 and so on till we touch 1360, then it's time to sell only.
  9. here is my two cents worth

    its a traders market

    not a bull and bear market

  10. Doesn't look like Bulls need to beware today.
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