Evidence Soros bought gold while telling everyone its a bubble

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  1. I read an interview once where Soros said that he makes the most money when he identifies a mania and he inflates it even more.
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    Use this simple rule and you won't get things too wrong -

    When anyone of influence says something, they might be speaking the truth or they might have a hidden agenda.

    Bet on the hidden agenda every time.
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    in that case isn't better to bet on the hidden agenda when they have a hidden agenda rather than when they are telling the truth , however rare ?
  4. You mean you actually listen to what Buffet, Soros etc actually say?

    There is something about a fool and his money soon getting parted...

  5. Do the math again. Soros is a rich man and his fund is big, but he doesn't have 700 billion dollars and neither is the entire GLD etf market cap worth 700 billion. You are off by about 1000 times.

    This justs goes to show that trading is a game of deception and anything you hear or see from any of these "pundits" whether they be Soros, Rogers, Gross or Marc Faber are useless or dated information.
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    "Three months earlier, Soros held 5,244,697 shares of the SPDR Gold Trust...

    ... Soros (at the end of September holds) 4,697,008 shares of the SPDR Gold Trust."

    Looks to me like he basically diversified his position. Don't see much indication he bought much.
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    Indeed. If you add up figures from the article Soros's fund holds 679 mln in shares of 2 gold ETFs and is long further 92 mln via call options.
  8. Your whole premise is flawed - where is the contradiction between saying it's a bubble and being long? He would only be lying if he said "I am short" whilst being long.

    You just accused someone of being a scumbag and lying when they didn't lie. That makes YOU the lying scumbag.

    Also, you have to be incredibly dumb to think that persuading the little guy to do something is going to improve your fill price on a large global market. Maybe on some penny stock with tiny volume yes, but not something that trades huge quantities each day. Oh, and he definitely doesn't own $700 billion, your whole post is just clueless beyond belief.
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