Evidence of ghosts or just a black hole sucking things out of the room

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  1. If you didnt know where this video was taken, that is what you would be thinking.

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    Hmmm... not really.
  3. Eight


    ouch, about 45 secs in a woman slams her forehead into a pole, look how fast she was moving... she's down for the count...
  4. byteme


    No. Perhaps, if you were a small child or had a tendency to believe in magic.

    Your assertion is very revealing.
  5. Ouch ! I sure am glad that I was not on that ship. It looks like they were hitting really rough waves. Very scary.

    To the OP, no, it doesn't remotely look like some ghostly manifestation. It was obviously inside a ship because of the sliding back and forth of the furnitures and the people inside.
  6. I'd be thinking our Earth came off its axis and is bouncing around the Milky Way like a superball. You can't be serious.:D
  7. Black hole or ghost... This is why religious people should not be allowed to vote.
  8. Or I would have just used my brain and realized that this was within a ship duh


  9. :D
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    only seen that in movies... cool video.
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