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  1. This is epic, brought to you by Rushlimbaugh.com, Fox news sunday and chris wallace (not liberal media by any means)

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    Towards the end of the intreview(3:16 left to be exact) he is asked by chris wallace: Do you think Sarah Palin is ready to be preisdent? His reply - "yes".

    Nothing more needs to be said about the intelligence of people who listen to him for information.
  2. All the people who gave it 1 or 2 stars are cowards. You can't debate it. Palin could not handle Alaska, she quit. She is an empty head and when Limbaugh says she is ready to be president he basically says that anybody that listens to him is a moron (and a redneck too). Limbaugh does not really believe that, he is just catering to the crowd.
  3. Lucrum


    While I would personally feel better with Palin in the White House than Obama, Biden, Pelosi or McCain, overall I don't think she's ready to be POTUS either.
  4. cstfx


    I gave it one star (there is nothing lower) because starting this thread puts you on the level of the inbred morons at CNN and those who post on CNN who seem to have some type of hard-on for Palin as a potential political threat when most on the right, Rush and Coulter not withstanding, also view her as an idiot deserving as much attention as her idiot, truly inbred, pants dropping, almost inlaw.

    Why are you on dolts on the left so afraid of her that you all have to keep posting about someone who will never get the nomination?
  5. Lucrum


    Brutal honesty does not necesarily make one a coward, or a racist either now that I think about it.
  6. Ricter


    Couple of non sequiturs in there.
  7. Currently, there is a great experiment taking place.

    Some 60+ million Americans thought that a little boy named Obama, with no experience to speak of, was also ready to be president.

    60 million is a lot of cowards.
  8. The question is will he run ?
  9. Ricter


    I could consider an argument that those 60 million are brave, stupid, or gamblers, but I don't think coward logically follows. Not if they knew Obama had little experience, that is.
  10. Are not you so smug? How about many americans thought that a young inexperienced obama was better than an old dirty mccain and his dumb cunt vp palin.

    I did not expect obama to be the messiah I wanted a tempered foreign policy. I got exactly that.
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