Everything you have been taught is a nonsense

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  1. I know ... BIG title to the thread but it got your attention and that's a good thing because now maybe I can make you think about things a little deeper.

    I'm going to show you how I seemingly randomly enter the market without any set ups.

    Yes that is correct NO SET UPS !!!

    I'm going to try and prove that everything you have been taught about trading is really nonsense and the only thing that really matters is CONTEXT.

    Context is defined by me to mean. Observe what is happening and adapt to it under the current conditions and circumstances.

    I made a Youtube channel and I will post trades AS they happen from beginning to end.

    Hope you find the thread interesting and let's get the discussion going.

  2. You gonna post real time?

  3. Nope I'm going to make a live video each day when I open the trade and when I close it so there can be no ambiguity.

    I made one today but the sound didn't come thru so I'm just editing it now.

    I will post it in here after dinner.
  4. Is it complete random entry ? Of course not.... no such thing as random because there is always an intelligent designer . So the next question would be. What are your rules for entry?
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    It looked interesting, but somehow the proof hasn't been that conclusive so far :confused:
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    I would agree that everything on the internet and in the books on Amazon (with a few exceptions) is complete nonsense. Folks generally reject the concept that the markets are random believing that if they are in fact random it thwarts their ability to generate profits when in fact, if they embrace this concept it will enlighten their ability to generate profits if they know what tools to use to interpret the meaning of randomness.
  7. Sounds like someone "gets it". Looking forward to your posts.

  8. Man that is one long meal.
  9. "Seemingly?" You are either entering "randomly without any setups" or you are not. Which is it?