Everything that is wrong with America can be related back to Goldman Sachs short it

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  1. It has not made new highs since October and sold off on any strength. Something is wrong and I know what it is. Goldman is going down.
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    These guys are as arrogant as they are cowardly. I'd imagine they'd try and take the whole country with them rather than go bankrupt, they almost have already.
  3. GS could probably construct a derivative to provide health care for free. In fact if I was President (this would be a good thread) I would ask them to look into it. We could sell our health care debt to sophisticated European investors.

    Whoops, forgot to add, we'd have to get the rating agencies on board with this. Call of the regulatory dogs, momentarily.
  4. Listen up! I am here today on a mission of mercy trying to get you guys out of the Goldman Sachs common stock.

    Later today the President of the United States is going to declare war on Goldman Sachs. Goldman is the devil! The anti-christ! They almost took down the United States of America.
  5. GS is the GM of the 21st century. Obama is a hub cap hanger. ( the guy who works on the line and can run the company better than anyone).
  6. close the whole fucking Wall Street. they contribute nothing to society.
  7. GS will not go down as AMERICA is Goldman sachs
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    does that include you? if no why not?
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    OMG This is the statement that should make us all puke! this company doesnt give a rats ass about anybody in this country even their frickin lower echolon staff doesnt give a shit. Is it possible obama has had enough of this crap and he has a brain? OR GS executives are trying to get rid of their frcikin stock and everything else they have to make money!
  10. You are a douche. Go to lunch early, order your "water with lemon" and let the men get back to business. Better yet, go back to the yahoo boards you tin-foil hat wearing nutbag.
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