EVERYTHING is being spun positive

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  1. This is going to end very badly for the dumb money. EVERY report that is released is talked about in a positive manner no matter how bad the numbers are. Credit defalt spreads are still increasing and arn't being discussed.

    GM is out spouting off about a bottom in car sales and they are seeing "signs of a brightening in auto sales". GO BANKRUPT ALREADY YOU A**HOLES AND STOP PUMPING THE MARKET!
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    The last little bounce today happened after Chrysler's sales numbers were only down 36% instead of 45%. A lot of folks also appear to be playing some benefit from a change to MTM tomorrow, which I only expect to be new guidelines. I try not to read the news.
  4. Go long banks, they are bound to release positive EPS surprises after all the government rule changes. :mad:
  5. Buy the dips, pay attention to the market action. Every dip is being bought thats all you need to know for now.
  6. We're climbing a very high wall of worry in what has been a new bull market. Dow 9000 soon. keep buying. Google, AAPL, Ma, V, Bidu, Mos, Pot

    This isn't rocket science. It's called making money.

    true, there's bad news but it's PRICED IN. The funds that move the market look waaay ahead and see years of steady economic growth.
  7. We are gonna go out red today.
  8. Being bought by dumb money. The big gains have already been made.

    I don't know why I am getting mad about this, volume is indicating the rally is almost over anyways.
  9. Clearly sentiment has changed over the past month, which I don't think is insignificant.

    It's the opposite of what happened late 2008/early 2009 where every report no matter how bad it was was spun to sound even worse.

    The bears who wouldn't shut up a few months ago and predicted the end of the world are nowhere to be found now. And the bulls who were nowhere to be found a few months ago suddenly won't shut up now and are expecting a neverending rally.

    Where is the middle ground?
  10. Guys how much lower do you think the market is going to go. Start some buying down here. All the real money has all reday been made on the short side.

    It's time to start dipping you toe on the long side. Cost average in on some the most beaten down sectors, and let it ride.
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