Everyone's looking for a handout...

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Mvic, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Mvic


    from the new administration.


    Looks like we will be seeing a lot of this crap coming out in the next few weeks as everyone tries to put their hand out for some bailout money and to try to scare congress and the new administration in to an even larger stimulus. I can't help but feel that there are certain fat cats who are sitting back chuckling, trying to see just how much they can game the system for... AGAIN!

    Funny how these multi billion $ losses just kind of snuck up on state street and RBS and others of their slimey ilk. Dishonest bunch of low life, scum sucking, bottom feeders. Claw back hard Obama and get rid of the top 30% of F ups at all these firms as a condition for getting some of my tax dollars. I am starting to really dislike Pelosi but I wish she would take up this as her crusade, claw back as much as possible from anyone in the top 30% of management at any of these firms for the last 5 years.