Everyone want to get more money

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  1. This is human psychology that he want to make more and more money. I mean there must be a limit where we should be satisfied.

    I will be satisfied if I am making around $5000 per month. Do you have the same psychology?
  2. just to understand your viewpoint : which country are you based in?
    Also, have you investigated the possibility of reaching this goal with a
    "safe", "steady" job? Why go the trading route, when you can reach this in
    much easier way?
  3. Have an hour?????

    Listen to at least the first few minutes.....

    My boss (Satan) likes this guy!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Gvk_2aCExYQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    I certainly don't for many reasons. Say the markets go violently in all kinds of directions for a few weeks, I have rules in place where those markets are not traded, or what happens if the markets get tight ranges for months to years, does your method adapt to trading chop? Check out ranges right after the crash of 1929.

    Most traders who only make $5000 per month do so cause they can't go beyond that amount. Due to mental issues or trading illiquid instruments.

    Also, at some point, you just plain lose concept of money and concentrate on other factors to float your boat, perhaps lowest losing percentages, always taking short positions, extremes trading, it becomes more of a game than concentrating on making money. How about employing someone to trade your account? How bout anything over $5000, you donate it?
  5. The guy in the video is an idiot - if I understand well he got some long time jail sentences. Also, he must be exhaling tons of negativity, like someone breathing with a rotten mouth.
    So you can deduce that your boss is an even bigger idiot - who has not yet realised he would benefit from many sessions with a very good clinical psychiatrist on a daily basis.
    About yourself, ... I guess you can draw your own conclusion. lol
  6. In forex market, everyone wants to get more and more money but it is not a place for everyone and only few people can make it success for themselves.
  7. It is true it is not a place for everybody, though the success rate would be significantly, if befpre quitting, people would at least :
    - put in 10,000 hrs of screentime
    - and 2 years equivalent on one and only one method/approach
    instead of jumping from methods to methods
    - and have thoroughly hand backtested their method as well on various instruments and timescales.

    So the question is really : are you willing to pay the price?