Everyone should be proud today !!!!

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  1. Obama,who i did NOT vote for is the real deal. he walks the walk and you can tell is not only sincere but determined to help all americans and help us all achieve a better life. i am so proud today to be an american. i probably sound corny but who cares. the fact that this guy put this thing together so quickly and made sute it was passed is what you call DETERMINATION. Obama,like him or not,cares about the people i am embarrassed that i did'nt vote for him. he may not solve the problems but he is trying his hardest and not just talking about it. he goes out there and does it. that should also be a lesson for others out there no matter what their occupations are;stop talking about doing things and start doing.. too many people talk and don't follow through.
  2. I've supported Obama, but am very against this plan. The irresponsible get saved and learn no lesson at all. The responsible folk get punished. Why would one want to commit to being responsible in the future when you can just be irresponsible. All gain, little to no risk. A plan that also provides some direct advantages for the good folks too would be more fair. Bring refi rates down for all folks so the responsible can benefit as well.
  3. He needs to let GM fail, then he has my vote. :cool:
  4. The only Americans he cares about are the ones who keep f'ing up in life.
  5. BULLSHIT! He CARES about (1) being The Big Cheese, and (2) getting re-elected. Do yourself a favor and don't forget it! :mad:
  6. I don't like all the parts of his plans,specifically the bailouts,but this is what he said he would do

    I respect him because he is doing what he promised he would do

    Get everyone health care and get combat troops out of Iraq in 2 years and he has accomplished his major campaign promises
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  8. price controls on HOUSING bad idea:mad:
  9. I asked it before and I will again:

    Is anyone surprised by anything Obama is doing?

    He is doing exactly what he said he would during his campaign. He just sent an additional 17k troops to Afghanistan, by the way - which he said he would do.

    Is it shocking to see a politician be true to his campaign pledges?

    Whether you voted for him or not, like him or not, he was elected by 54% of the electorate, and is doing what he told them - in advance - that he would.

    That alone is pretty remarkable.
  10. So... do you think we the people object to the war "in Iraq" or just that we've got troops over they piddlin' around over there and spending big bucks?

    Moving the troops from Iraq to Afghanistan... what does that help? Why would it be OK to have troops in Afganny but not Iraq?

    Adding 17,000 troops to Afganny? That's easy... more war... what about pulling them out?? Wasn't THAT inferred in the campaign?
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