Everyone Should Be Making Plenty

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  1. These index futures are were the money is at. This is what the Fed uses to move the markets.

    At the moment buying dips is paying off.
  2. Stock_Trad3r is back!!

    Time to short :p
  3. Sure why don't you short, let everyone know what you shorted and were.
  4. why don't you post your brokerage statement with your gains from last year...you know...."let everyone know" how you are making plenty. Since you did start this thread and all


  5. Know matter what I post I’m certain there would be a flood of non believers claiming it has been altered with Photoshop. I’ve seen how the losers lash out here.

    If you have not been making money in this trending market you really need to find another profession.
  6. Ok Ras what is your one minute secret....

  7. "Ok Ras what is your one minute secret...."

    Posting style...just a hunch.
  8. another one post douche ignored

    think that makes 7 today

  9. I mean, how do you get to reply to a thread just started in less than 60 seconds?
  10. I don't know, I just hit reply and it worked :)

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