everyone on ET is a bear

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  1. what a joke.

    does being a bear make you look more intelligent?
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    Oh I don't know about that. But there are a lot of people that want to call the top in this bull market, so it appears that there are many "the sky is falling but no one knows it yet but me" type of posts.

    With that said, you see plenty of "100% up room to go, buy with no risk posts as well". Right now the bulls seem to be correct.
  3. I'll be the first to admit I'm a bear and am paying dearly for it. I bow to the bulls and congratulate them on their continued to success in this remarkable run. Maybe this is the week for a healthy sell off but unlikely but I can dream...cheers
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    i'd say 80% of the bear post are from 4 people posting under many different names. also traders in general are more skeptical and bearish people as they see the manipulation and lies of market. go out there and ask the avg guy ont he street. he has no fear and doesn't even know what shorting is
  5. I've been bullish for over a year
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    oh we know

    but can you tell us why you are bullish

    what deep thinking did you do

    OR are you letting your feelings trade for you
  7. Read my early posts. I explain why interest rates wont go up and why stocks are undervalued.

    People that remained bearish for durations longer than a couple months generally lost money including those who when short during Summer 2006. Sure they had a few big days, but when the markets rebounded they had to quickly cover. Overall, being bullish make you more money than being bearish.
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    i saw a lot posts immediatley following the Feb. 27 sell-off that were bearish to the extreme. lots of traders posting how they're short the world...how mnay OEX puts it would take to retire, etc.... and how stupid anyone is who is bullish.

    lately i'm seeing a lot of new ids here created in March and April. wonder how many of these "new" ids are ETers who got it wrong.

    i don't know what's going to happen in the future but i do know that when i start seeing too many people saying the same thing, no matter how "smart" they are, it just reminds me of how markets tend to get the maximum number of traders on the wrong side before making the move. seen it many times in my life.
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    yeah the board here is very bearish. I don't understand why they want the market to tank, they would most likely do even worse with trading.
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    Given that retail traders as a group are always on the wrong side of the market you would expect most participants in a retail trading forum to be wrong in their market forecasts. It's an excellent contrarian indicator. Once a majority of ETers are bullish, that's a good time to sell.
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