everyone on cnbc is begging for 1% rate cut

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    So sad to see them begging for 1%, for the last few weeks all the talking heads want 1% and think the federal reserve has to move the fed funds rate to 2%. One guy on cnbc moments ago said you dont want the fed to scare the market and not do 1%, how pathetic is this...This is going to be on volatile day, anyway lets hope the bulls get what they want because we all know what happens when they dont.......
  2. I see that you still are firmly entrenched in doing CNBC "play by play" for ET.

    That's what's PATHETIC!
  3. Just do it all ready, cut to 2% then we have a negative real rate. So whats next?
  4. 1% cut is OK given what happened
    What I found more interesting on CNBC today - there is some understanding - investments banks are done all together

    There is no job for them - after the crisis all those structured investments will be banned or at least heavily regulated
  5. They will invent something else not regulated. They are always one step ahead of regulators because they employ the brightest while the governemnt employs losers.

  6. "SELL THE RALLY!!!!!!!! DOW SHOULD BE TRADING AT 11500!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  7. Well the higher it goes before FED announcement decreases the chance of 100BP.

    Market will sell off on .50 or .75 and piss away morning gains.

    Then again, it may hold. Who cares just make some money.
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    Dow goes to 11,500....
  9. What does it matter?
    You don't TRADE anyway.
  10. Just go all in short, you will make a fortune!
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