Everyone makes money in ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SusanaDT, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. LMAOWTIME (with tears in my eyes) ... what a great crowd of guys! :D
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  2. Still feel the same way as the day I initiated the thread.

    Bunch of posers trying to find the non existent holy grail acting like super traders who rule the world.

    Angry, not in the least, just surprised to see new lows in the "human" race.

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  3. I still don't get why you are so bothered by this or surprised that some would exaggerate or lie on an anonymous Internet message board. You can always choose to not read it or ignore those who offend your sensibilities.

    If you want to see even lower lows turn on the nightly news or read the Washington Post. I can name many more doing much worse to the human race than that.
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  4. OK, you got all the attention you needed so badly, happy now ? :)

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  5. ElCubano


    there are many threads and people that contribute towards helping others. Those are the threads you need to be reading...peace
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  6. Actually everyone was tripping over themselves to give her strategies when they found out one of the fairer sex was on the board and needed help.

    She has at least 5 workable strategies to choose from, based on what was supplied to her either directly or indirectly on these boards ... if I had had people feeding me information the way it was fed to her I would have cut down my learning curve by at least 2.5 years. :eek:

    Women! :p
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  7. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=1827114#post1827114

    No one really wants to look in the mirror. Sometimes in psychology this is called projection. Look there are all kinds on ET; for all I know I am having trading conversations with Jack the Ripper or a 12 year old. This is where discretion comes in. How long have you been trading or should I say how much have you lost so far. Most professional traders have blown out an account or two, so if you deem someone else to be a losing trader what difference does it make? Can you see why people are bagging on you. What are you offering to us in terms of your own trading? I can honestly say that most people are not suited to be traders. It is the best/worst job out there.
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  8. I've never lied about it. I'm the worst trader known to the forum. I'm giving money to the market hand over fist.
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  9. I lost money yesterday.
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  10. Mvic


    I think Susanna must be very young or very sheltered if reading ET has exposed her to what are for her new lows for the human race, if only ET was the worst that we humans were capable of...

    My guess is that she is not a profitable trader herself, to get so emotional about silly nonsense on ET would suggest that she is even more so when her money and perhaps ego/hopes/fears are on the line.
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