Everyone makes money in ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SusanaDT, Apr 1, 2008.

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    no no. lets talk about our feelings and understand each other. there needs to be a deeper connection.
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  2. LOL, someone who posts here and is a damn fine trader (but was caught embellishing his PnL ... by about 100 ES contracts :eek: ) did exactly that!
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  3. Or perhaps "she" (?) would simply like to tag along on trades so as to make "her" trading easy as pie. How terribly lame to attempt to bait us into holding "her" hand through the trading day.
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  4. If you think this is bad, wander over to the Yahoo message boards sometime. Most of the stuff there is just unreadable. ET is a good forum as long as your skin isn't too thin.
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  5. I think its been established that her skin is too thin right now by the fact that she started this thread :)

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  6. Keeping in mind the fact that it is free, ET is a great place.

    If she were to spend a weekend or 10 mowing through some of the recent AND old threads she would pretty much find everything she needs to put together a top notch system, and the psychology she needs to trade it.

    Regardless of the fact that we'll rough house it a bit (name one group of guys who don't) there's a lot of sharing and caring going on around here, so I'll just amend that 1/8th to 1/5th, keeping in mind the ol' 80/20 Rule - 20% control 80% of all the usefull information, knowledge, money and power. :cool:

    Man, I can't believe this thread ... women! :p
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  7. The yahoo options and futures board is down right hysterical
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  8. Maybe...??? Until she posts a birth certificate, and a complete physical ratified by three doctors in good standing with the AMA, and their accompanying papers, along with photographs, notarized by the National Organization for Women, I won't believe that "she" is a she.

    Sorry thats just the way I feel.:p
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  9. LOL, and they'd better be swimsuit pics too! :D
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    Who are you talking to, you might as well call out some names.
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