Everyone loses trading index futures

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  1. Finally Alex decides to admit the truth,

    ADOBE FLASH/VIDEO LINK: http://www.puretick.com/video/carlos

    Sorry for all the wrath we have caused on E.T.

    Have a good holiday

    Geoff aka "CajunSniper"
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    Enjoied the video. It caught me off guard.
    Never thought about taking that approach.

  3. How do you arrive at an 89-tick chart? Why specifically 89?
  4. nkhoi

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    wtg, Carlos!
  5. just21


    fibb number
  6. Lucrum


    I like the 10,946 tick chart myself.
    The 21st number in the sequence.
    The fib of a fib?
    Can't go wrong with that one.

  7. Although I think that using Fibonacci numbers for trading is misguided, I'd really like to know what the theory is behind a Fibonacci-inspired 89-tick chart.
  8. I am using a 420 tick chart today and it seems to work.
  9. good example of sticking to your trading game plan(what one was taught) by puretick.

    i think they were giving themselves a patting on the back.
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    Good job guys, grats to Carlos.
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