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  1. princephillip with his one line wit. His solely juvenile wit-- for I'm yet to read that he's created an innovative way to insult the worshipers-- has the suicidal audacity to attack me. So princephillip, here is your extra-curricular test; yes, I'd like to know just how smart you're. For I extrapolate that you're full of banalities, and devoid of substance. Pedantic 4.0 fool, I too go to school; I'll crush you like all the rest that have attempted to depose me.

    Write me a single innovative witticism, and I shall retort with a hit that shall be at least twice superior to your style. Pick your subject. I've little doubt that your first strike will be juvenile. Are you capable of writing an artful sentence?
  2. princephillip is frightened?
  3. I see rosenberg is spewing his bile again.What a twit.
  4. Talikng to yourself ? an interesting way to generate self confidence.

    Do you know of the jademaster?
  5. Put down the thesaraus rosenhead and try to come up with your own original thought.My guess is you're too stupid.
  6. Ok, lets try this.

    Is the smallest particle really matter, or energy. If so what form is it, and what would it look like.

    For once in your little life, avoid the pathetic attempts at wit and lets play.

  7. I don't own a thesaurus, so thank you.
  8. You don't own an original thought either.
  9. oh a quick question

    are you a father ?

    (don't attempt to understand this question, I don't want to upset you as well)
  10. Matter or energy rosenwood - or are we struggling with google today??

    Chop chop old boy
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