Everyone is looking for sweeping overhaul, either way we end up with low lifes.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Oct 28, 2010.

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    These elections will end up with pieces of shit controlling the system once again, and nothing being accomplished someone correct me if im wrong? Everyone seems to be on the campaign trail pitching the fact that they will be "better" then their opponent. Well guess what, being better, isnt good enough anymore. In order for us to survive we need solid politicians from every side.

    Being better isnt FU***** good enough anymore. Being slightly better then Sarah Palin or Karl Rove, or Obama, or Bush still leaves us with a low life piece of shit in office.

    Now Im not naieve enough to believe that alot of these people within the tea party will be "better" Im just hoping it sends a message and that messge eventually evolves into candidates who are actually good, not just better, until we establish a legitimate third party system, it will never be the case. Its a race to the bottom right now and every single current politician is a winner.

    Tons of Dems love to try to talk about how much "better" Obama is then Bush, but this is like comparing 1 pile of shit to another and implying one is better. Again we have set the bar so low to begin with that it doesnt matter, we may as well have ronald mcdonald in office if someone wants to compare who is better, we could have a frigging goldfish in office...... atleast the fish would not pass destructive legislation like obama or bush, so should the goldfish be held up as a hero since he is "better?" (since he caused less destruction?)