Everyone is attacking Hedge Funds

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  1. Pretty good article.

    Some of those guys sound like real a**holes.
  2. Good article- yes, these guys do sounds very much like all a-holes. Pity

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    unfortunate article
  4. from reading that i don't get the impression they give a dam about your money. its just a game for them. i would never recommend anyone risk money with a manager like that.
  5. Ditto!

    I just read the article tonight and found it entirely dissapointing......
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    the problem is that the point of the article was not to inform or educate, but rather to titilate and create envy among the public. Which is bad for the industry as it will bring increased scrutiny and public cry for regulation which will stiffle one of the last bastions of nearly pure financial entrepreneurship.

    The real top dogs now it is best to fly under the radar. Do u think Kovner would have some hack reporter write such an article about his firm? or Simons??
  7. The problem is that the article is written by NEWYORKMETRO and is completely uneducated to the overall state of the industry. There is not much difference between the mutual fund and hedge fund industry anymore.
    Most of these funds do nothing but slowly lose their investors' moneys, collect fees and keep up the scam of these great returns & professional treatment of your money. What about all the institutional hacks that think they know smth, start up a hedge fund and then do nothing but slowly lose & lose. Where is that detailed story?

    The creme of the crop that we only seem to hear about, well those guys are hardcore pros that have been under the radar for years before "everyone" finds out about them. Some of these hotshots are just getting their 15 min of fame on their run of luck before blowing out.
  8. Well, you certainly come off as the jealous type... but then you don't run a hedge fund do you?
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