everyone I know is short.. big time..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Batman28, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. i'm not advising anything.. and i have no actualy knowledge of anyones position.. thanks
  2. You know everyones short but you have no knowledge of their positions? How do you know everyone is short then? Contradiction there ole chap

  3. Odgnut


    tell them to drink more milk.
  4. LOL

  5. balda


    ET should give out prises for post like this.
  6. feb2865


    Reading post like this one is changing my mind about this so called 95% of people lose money on the markets.......I am becoming a believer more and more
  7. Lets be honest who do you know I really dont care is your mates are all short 400 shares of APPL and 100 GOOG. Sorry but retail means nothing
  8. listen kid. if it was my the cleaner down my road shortin 500 AAPL not appl.. maybe i could share the info. maybe u should pay more respect to people u dont know.
  9. Believe me when I say all of us here wait for your posts, because we just wouldnt know how to make money without you here.

    Real quality stuff

    Go away and kill your account quietly
  10. u dumb fkin twat. if u've been here long enough and read my posts ud know i dont even trade u idiot.
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