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  1. They were not impressive demonstrators by any means, but there are articulate and intelligent voices opposing an intervention in Iraq, but Brain-Terminal did not find them (or edited them out).

    Its the same with the Pro-War gang, there are persuasive voices supporting an intervention, and there are morons out there whose political viewpoint consists of "Let's kick Saddam's ass, dude" .

    Its a shame that those young people can't develop a more in-depth and cogent argument to support thier sentiment. Makes one wonder what that generation will accomplish.
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  2. A sequel to JACKASS?
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  3. TGregg


    Hilarious! Check out The Son of Benny Hill in the fur hat.
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    Candle, tampa, traderfut, etal are in such good company!

    Sad thing is, the protesters were far more lucid.

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  8. One of the unstated and major points of this video, imo, is that when you see a large group of these protesters, the majority don't have any real reason or knowledge as to why they are there, except to repeat a 'War is bad." mantra. I bet many are simply on the Hollywood bandwagon.
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