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    VIRUS ALERT!!!!!!!!:mad:
  2. i watched less than half of it- those people are just fucking pathetic
  3. ROFL!!
  4. ROFL!

    you know what gets me?
    they are all so obviously clueless, but the one thing they are adamant about is that "war is not the answer".

    can anyone help me to understand why "war is not the answer"?

    are they trying to tell me a war WON'T get red of the saddam regime?

    are they trying to say a war WON'T succeed in disarming iraq?

    are they trying to say a war WON'T liberate the iraqi people?

    are they trying to say a war WON'T stablize energy and geopolitical concerns in the region?
  5. ROFLMAO!!
  6. LMFAO! virus alert?!?! hhahahahaha There's no virus...it's not even my web page! It's just a funny video of some idiot anti-war demonstrators.

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  7. Cool... nice post, thanks...
  8. Ask candletrader; he's the one in the video wearing the grim reaper costume. :D


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