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Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Jul 30, 2007.

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    forget the drop last week,it was all a misunderstanding and some profit taking. forget about fridays close at the lows;thats only because wall street takes fridays off/ also there was a computer glitch. remember Paulison said housing is at a bottom 2 weeks ago. forget the fact that the ceo's of every housing stock continue to say a bottom is nowhere in sight;they only live and breath housing so how the hell would they know ! also,Larry Kudlow continues to say its a "goldie locks" economy" and even jim cramer says to buy. forget about CAT missing earnings and lowering guidence,it was all a big mix up and who cares if the dllar keeps dropping,china will keep buying US stocks . the dow is going to 20k. keep buying and forget about the misunderstandings.
  2. Are you Stock_Trad3r?
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    I think he's being facetious. It's hard to recognize on ET because it's so rare.
  4. Ritalin is your bestest friend.