EveryDay Thinking

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. My trainer asked me what I was thinking about...
    funny you ask:
    >ONXX would my peeps kill me if I bought a stock that has already gapped up $14 the other day?
    >MOVE it's just a hunch.
    >CELGENE the PE has come down with the price- kind of looks good. S&P target $68 UBS $75 stk $54.
    >GMTC It's electronic bingo for god's sake! We're not curing cancer. I have found many reasons not to buy yet it marches up every day.
    >ONSM I read the earnings I think this is definitely stonedinvesting material.
    >QCOM is it a big short? No one is going to want to watch tv on their iddi bitty cell phone screen. And do we really need flip out, clamshell TV watchers everywhere in the street. It's bad enough with the IPOD's. Litigation still very much out there with NOK.
    > ETQ. Yes busted mine story in Ecuador. Rumor of getting new permit within week
    >BOOM another good short tonight it's run up hard into overnight earnings and steel is an input cost for them...

    Each and every day the market does this. It gives timely opportunity. opportunity for a variety of styles to work. Do we buy the fall into support play- MOVE,
    the ride further momentum play- ONXX the good idea done with earnings play ONSM the going up for no reason play- GMTC the good overall investment play CELG...or the wild dart in the sky- ETQ.... so many choices so little time.
  2. l4t13


    onsm is going up on speculation.

    cisco purchased five aprils who onsm was partnered with or owned a piece of, cant remember.