Everybody, have a happy fuuuucking new years!!! And a good trading year.

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  2. christmas, new years, holidays.. who really cares? i dont
  3. ?.....you must be Muslim. :eek: :(
  4. what I care about is the comming Chinese New Year :D
  5. no way, i'm an atheist :)
  6. I recently read that atheist's are least likely to contribute to charity, ditto on volunteering. Not saying this about you in particular but that's what the "survey" sez.

    Where do atheists gather? I suppose they don't. Most atheist's I read on various forums know more about religion and god than "believers". I get the impression that atheist's in general are the first one's who bring up the issue of atheism long before religion ever enters the general conversation.

    For example,

    You meet someone at a party, you introduce yourself and maybe say "Nice weather we're having" and they say,"I'm an atheist so don't start thanking god for the pleasant weather in December".

    My b in law doesn't believe in god and never fails to mention it when anything goes wrong, He gets a flat tire and says, "This is why I don't believe in god/religion". I just say "WTF calll triple A, like the catholics do". sheesh...
  7. It's a heck/hell of a lot easier to be agnostic. :cool: