Everybody complaining about "socialism"

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  1. This thread is for everybody complaining about "socialism" to post their pdf "opt-out" form on the forum:


    Given the number of complaints about "socialism" I expect there'll be a LOT of forms posted here. (Blank out any private information before posting.)

    Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to the hundreds of posts from the hundreds of remaining Republicans.
  2. Frankly dave, I think it might be more illuminating for participants to post what country they are citizens in. That way political beliefs could be put into perspective. For instance, you seem to be a Canadian, as are numerous others.

    Now, I would have happily opted out of social security, as I'm sure many would have. But you seem to forget that I have a lifetime of contributing my money to SS, which has been earning sub-par returns over the period. So now you want me to opt out of a) getting my money back and b) getting the returns on my money? Not a chance.

    This was the grand program of Democrats as you know. And as most grand government programs, it will eventually fail. Government meddling never works in the end. It's only a question if you live long enough to see it. Most of you young guys are going to see the failure of medicare and SS.

    Meanwhile, you don't learn the lesson. Instead, you're going to vote for Obama and the Dems...Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bernie Sanders etc etc etc., and they're going to bring you more of these "government programs" that you guys all love. Good luck with it is all I got to say.

  3. Socialist is just an adjective with a negative connotation. Many of our policies are socialist, and you no doubt take advantage of them every day.

    The stock market is regulated by the SEC, thats socialist.

    The road you took to drive to work today is socialist.

    The public school your kids are in is funded by tax dollars, thats socialist.

    We are capitalist society yes, but we are not an anarcho-capitalist society.
  4. Not that it's any of your business but I am a US citizen. Is there any other personal information you would like to know about me? What personal information about you would you like me to disclose?

    So you're not opposed to socialism.

    It's been working for over 70 years.

    Well by having the courage of your convictions and opting out you can demonstrate that the philosophy is wrong.

    After Republicans doubling the entire national debt in just eight years, I have very little concern about Democrats doubling it as well. They simply won't -- hell, it's almost impossible.

  5. Too bad we didn't have a government program in place to better regulate the financial markets. That would have saved the market a few trillion.They can be lame an inefficient yes, but make no mistake we wouldnt even be able to trade and live the life we are used to if it wasn't for government programs. That being said I do see your point bigger government isn't always the answer, but the last few weeks have taught us that small government isnt the answer either.
  6. We still haven't seen any opt-out forms, but I'm confident that they're coming.
  7. Oh yeah dave, I'm opposed to socialism. Evidently you can't read though. I've contributed to social security since I was a teenager. What part of "I want my money back, with interest" do you not understand?

  8. Oh and I forgot to mention, one of the most socialist thing I have ever seen came straight from Bush. We all know what that was.
  9. It's not your money, it's theft, remember?

    So opt out. Either you oppose socialism or you don't oppose socialism. Either you're a commie pinko like Obama or a freedom-lover like McCain.
  10. Uhhhh... no bid contracts?

    Pharma benefits?

    Tax rebates?

    His brother getting government contracts to sell "educational materials" that the schools don't even use?

    Okay, you're going to have to be more specific here.
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