everybody can is be rich, super trading fast making million

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Vote on do you want NEW cold or OLD cold

  1. I want old Cold, that bastard made me think

    2 vote(s)
  2. I want new Cold, I find security in his repetitiveness

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  1. Do you want OLD cold/apak/Jasonn who makes you challenge your perceptions

    or do you want NEW me, the guy spitting the below 24/7

    super trading making million so everbody can is be rich, fast easy buy sell when calls and puts is fast trading
  2. Is that english?
  3. are you can is be rich ????

    answer that one cowboy
  4. Don't know, but I like it!

    Could be a sad problem... is this from someone who is ESL, or a product of modern schooling?
  5. LOL in a strange way I enjoy being average ETer now

    instead of telling people how they need to sacrifice to become my competition

    I just say

    just plot your 3 day over 6 day moving average and make fast easy million of money :p :p :p
  6. why you talk like that, don't you want to be super fast easy trading making million of money
  7. If I understood you correctly, then HELL YES!!
  8. super super, trading fast super easy
  9. imbiber

    imbiber Guest

    100% equity up room from here brah!!
  10. careful ....mods delete if you start making sense :cool:
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