Every US taxpayer will pay for California Bailout

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    We need the money, $16B, or at least that is how much was needed last week. Apparently that could grow to $21B in the next few weeks.

    California will be bailed out by Timmy Geithner and the Obama regime and every one of you reading this will pay additional taxes in order to cover it.

    You could save on overhead by just writing a check to: Jerry Brown, Governor, The Great State of California, c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173. Sacramento, CA 95814

    If you could go ahead and get those checks in the mail this week that would be great. If everyone sent $100.00 it would go a long way towards paying for all of these public sector pensions and salaries for state officials not to mention giving us money needed to start that big High Speed Rail project out in the San Joaquin Valley.


    That is cool looking isn't it?

    So please send that check ASAP or we're going to have to spend additional millions lobbying Washington to *take* that money from you in the form of federal taxes.

    "We can do this easy or we can do this *real* easy" :D
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    LOL. Isn't that California ending earth quake due pretty soon? Let's cut our losses and make Nevada the new west coast. :D
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    Actually this is my home page and it has me a little worried:


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    Is that big blue square your house? :D
  5. lol

    what a disaster. Must be your states conservative ideology.
  6. When your flush (pun intended) EVERYONE wants to live in California.

    Still is that way; if we finally get in the black again; California will lead the way {'cause they will have learned their lesson}.


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    A National Sales Tax with the sole purpose of bailing out California would put the state back into the black all the faster.

    How about instead of a VAT we do a CAT (California Asshole Tax) of, say, 15% of the value of all purchases of durable good in North America?
  8. ==============
    Well you may want to look @ the Bright side / right side of your chart;
    Silver State has some e -quakes, but not many @ all.

    Play on word is intentional, as are all the moving vans going to the Silver State.

    That prediction all the US will pay for that;
    well that depends [a]US election trends-not good for CA past 3 yrs.

    Private Investors may/may not help CA, some may trade US$ for CA gold.LOL I buy CA produce some, so every little bit helps.

    [c] Who is going to be the lead bank for payment/loan?? JPM,C,BAC???LOL Also even if they write the check/swift fund it;
    an e quake could easily stop that.WFC may help with a little loan;
    all the gov's assets as collateral .LOL

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    Looks to me like deficit spending and public sector unions with their absurd retirement packages don't work out very well.
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    It cannot happen soon enough for me.
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