every trading book

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  1. Use multiple timeframes.

    Don't add when an entry is going against you.

    Don't risk more than 2% on a single trade.

    Don't let your account drop more than 6% in a month.

    Forget about all the cherry picked pictures showing indicators in the books.

    Managing finances is super difficult, psychology discussion.

    Varying according to the book, there may be some positive stories in there to make you joyful.

    Actually, every trading book is like this.
  2. Haha, say it ain't so!!!
  3. Ask all those authors to grow a trading account to as large as they can.
    Or, just simply grow a trading account that beats the S&P broad benchmark by a few modest percent every year,

    Most likely, that will be an open-and-shut case, :banghead: o_O
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  4. I have this pasted on my monitor for when I have drawdowns (very rare)