Every time Berknocke and Pukeson speak, we tank

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. It reminds folks of the incompetence of the blowhards that are running things.
  2. if you think they are so stupid then why aren't you standing in their place you fucking idiot.

  3. Because Bush put these guys in. He hand picked them.
  4. this is a very, very sick market

    6 percent days nearly every week

    vix 45+ for 2 months

    down 9 percent would be a very bad month in most years

    but it's just dec 1
  5. They are masking their corruption by doing stupid things and looking incompetent. In reality they are raking billions to their pals who ,in return,will give them multimillion /year jobs.
    People calling them stupid and incompetent because people just don't believe that such a degree of corruption is possible. sadly , it is .
  6. I still think the paulson and ben are doing a good job. Free market solutions and bailouts are the answer.
  7. exactly

  8. i hope that's a joke, and an intentional satire regarding the contradiction of 'free market' and 'bailout'

    i asked you before if you're a troll, and you said no. as trolling and satire, you're not bad

    i have a hard time believing anyone is really that stupid
  9. Sadly he is. However look at it this way, the more dopes like this, the more money there is for guys like us to extract. :)

  10. Nailed it.:mad:
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