Every stock bear is now vaporized

Discussion in 'Trading' started by piggie2000, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Notice how all the notes from bears have basically diasppeared the last 2 months.that said when this pig turns all hell will break loose as theres literally 2000 vertical charts out there
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    What are you saying Piggy? All the buyers are in and there aren't any left to push the market up?

    Usually the week between Christmas and New Year is bullish to flat at worst.
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    there are still some bears
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    bears are the only thing this rally's got -- a continual supply of fresh new cubs, each one chanting, "this time the top really is in."

    endless supply = endless trend
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    bullshit every indicator says bears are dead. market intelligence has one of the lowest readings of bears in history. go look at the put to call the last 2 days as very few puts bought. short interest has fallen 8 of the last 9 months on exchanges and is down 30% from the march highs. bulls favorite saying to justify an uptrend is " theres so many bears still out there". go watch cnbc or bloomberg 100-1 bulls on there. those are the facts
  7. I am sure to the full fledged bulls this question will seem quite foolish: Do you think this is a bull market or, as I believe, a truly stupendous bull run in the context of a large multi-year bear. If you look at charts from the thirties you will see that on the rarest of occasions those runs do exist.

    I am sure there are other scenarios as well and the one that nags at me is that because so much of the next few years will depend on government actions there is really no way to know.

    BTW ... I trade NQ and a few currencies, generally off a 5 minute chart, so it effects my trading very little.
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    You sound like a bear.

    Are you dead?

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    sure sure. I'm on your side.
    it's just the people on the ask side who are selling to you, do so for various reasons.
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    It's pointless to be bearish in a market that just won't stop going up but that doesn't mean there aren't bears out there. You can't solve a massive debt problem with more debt. At some point the US will either have to pay very high interest rates to roll the debt or they will have to print. Either scenario is ugly but until that happens, surf's up.
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