Every Picture Tells A Story, Don't It...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. So zzzztroll, who are you going to vote for?




    L Ron Hubbard?

    Surely you're not going to be one of those ingrates who do not practice the sacred right to vote, are you?!?
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  2. reg


    :D That's Hilarious.
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  3. saxon


    Z10...what is this? A last gasp of hopeless desparation from the Hillary camp?

    "OK, gang...here's the plan. We'll mobilize volunteers in every city in America to run around painting funny mustaches on the Obama posters."


    That's right, folks. She'll be ready on DAY ONE to be our commander in chief!

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  4. <img src=http://www.snorgtees.com/images/KoolAidMan_Fullpic_2.gif>

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  5. are you kidding? ZZZzzenu loves a feisty <s>woman</s> man. he is a hillary boy all the way!

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  6. saxon


    Photo of Z10 in grammar school.

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  7. grammar*

    where's the skirt?
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  8. saxon


    Associated Press
    Tue Feb 26, 2:04 AM ET

    WASHINGTON - A photograph circulating on the Internet of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama dressed in traditional local garments during a visit to Kenya in 2006 is causing a dustup in the presidential campaign over what constitutes a smear.

    The Associated Press photograph portrays Obama wearing a white turban and a wraparound white robe presented to him by elders in Wajir, in northeastern Kenya. Obama's estranged late father was Kenyan and Obama visited the country in 2006, attracting thousands of well-wishers.

    The gossip and news Web site The Drudge Report posted the photograph Monday and said it was being circulated by "Clinton staffers" and quoted an e-mail from an unidentified campaign aide.

    In December, two Clinton Iowa volunteers resigned after forwarding a hoax e-mail that falsely said Obama is a Muslim possibly intent on destroying the United States. Obama is a member of the United Church of Christ and says he has never been a Muslim, but false rumors about Islamic ties are circulating on the Internet.
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  9. sax is in loooooove...


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  10. ZZZZenu? it's looking like she is done barring some new event. are you a Gore boy?
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