Every other headline calling for more trouble in housing...

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  1. are we at the bottom?
  2. No.

    Not even close.

    Shiller is the man.
  3. No way. The news is way off and way early. We are not even close to reverting to a normal housing market yet. This will take years.
  4. On 1/12/07 I posted some foreclosure data for san diego. Here it is

    Pre-foreclosures: 1714
    Auction: 334
    Bank owned: 1153

    Now look at today:
    Pre-foreclosures: 2097
    Auction: 547
    Bank owned: 1796

    The numbers get worse every single month! Bottom? HA!

    The trend is getting stronger.
  5. I hope things are different this time....but history has consistently shown that theory to be wrong.
  6. Bank owned properties went up 56% here in 2 months. Prices still trending down. No panic in sight yet.

    This will grind down for years I think unless something really changes.

    All these headlines could cause a panic though and then we might see a downward spike.
  7. S2007S


    Yea were at a bottom, the housing market touched a bottom 3 months ago when the talking heads said everything was fine.

    We have only seen a subprime mortgage fall out in the last 2 weeks and foreclosures jumping to new highs. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! :p
  8. We are just about at the end of the first quarter my friend....

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    Well written, real estate will probably throw us into a recession
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