Every morning at 9:24am EST, IB forcibly logs me out

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by sprstpd, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. rayl


    I don't believe DHCP lease renews should cause a logout.

    Maybe a momentary pinkout, but not a logout.

    I've moved my laptop from location to location and had TWS reconnect properly (on totally different networks, clearly with new DHCP addresses).
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  2. sprstpd


    Just to clarify, I am equating a pinkout to a logout.

    Also, I renewed my lease through my router at around midnight last night and I had no problems this morning.

    Another note: I believe "ipconfig /all" is showing my local IP lease, not my router lease to my cable provider.

    So thanks for the suggestions. For now the problem has disappeared.
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  3. rayl


    Got it -- it must be the case that your IP changes too on a renew.... ISPs which reassign the same IP should not see any loss in connectivity.
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  4. JackR


    If you use the link below you will see the IP address that your service provider has currently assigned to you.


    I use DSL so I don't have a permanent IP address but a while back I thought I read that cable providers assigned fixed IP addresses.

    If I power-down my DSL modem I'll generally get a new IP address from Verizon when I turn back on. You might see what happens with your cable modem for future help in troubleshooting.

    I know of no way of determining the lease status (if there is a lease) between you and your ISP except by inference.

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