Every forex broker is evil?!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by WmWaster, Apr 1, 2006.

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    I'll let you figure it out yourself .. if you can.
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  2. show us, i mean no big deal innit[?], just post transactions that show u shadin'n'fadin' their prices consistently'n'i'll be happy...
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    my god. .. think outside the box for just one second. Tell you what ... lemme give you a hint. Let's say you have accounts with 5 brokers ... and then assume that the quotes provided by each are not always in line. Now, if you can't see an arb opportunity there then I;m not gonna waste anymore time here
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  4. i know what u meant that's ol' news...prob is that now boilers are in touch with each other'n'fight together just to prevent that kinda activities goin on cuz they were sufferin' huge losses...doubt u can do that consistently anymore, that's why io asked u if u can do it for a livin'.
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    you bore me ....
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  6. 'n'u suck.....big time, u open u mouth'n'a river of liquid shit comes out.
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  7. Counter-fraud. :p
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  8. I doubt that too.
    They are here to rip you off. That won't be easy.

    Eg: If they try to make false spikes to trigger short position stop losses, you spot the chance and open short position. No, you won't get that chance since they maniuplate quotes on client by client basis.

    They maniuplate prices to kick you out, not give you golden opportunites.

    And someone in this thread says they may ban you if you can arbitrage successfully all the time.
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  9. indeed that's what they do...they have they own griffin investigation...they in touch with each other'n'if u get caught u will be booted out'n'won't be able to open an acct with any of 'em anymore.... not that is such a bad thing tho...
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  10. absolutely correct ;-) but don't say too much, the more people figure out those 'loopholes', the faster they will disappear...
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