every company petitioning for no-SHORT

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alientrader, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. now every company is petitioning to be on the list that cant be shorted.
  2. Please note that NASDAQ has made no changes to its systems in response to the SEC order banning short sales in certain securities. NASDAQ will not prohibit customers from entering short sales. NASDAQ will advise if any changes are made going forward.

    Anyone have any info on this?


    Are they giving the SEC the finger?
  3. haha awesome
  4. nitro


    The onus is on the customer to be in compliance.

  5. Altruistic management acting on behalf of shareholders. Whats the problem?

  6. d08


    NASDAQ has always been the best market in every way really, this just confirms it.
  7. Short Ban is limited to financial companies... nasdaq has none.
  8. Read the SEC's banned list. More NASDAQ names than New York names.