Every big down day with futures falling further is followed by...

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Every big down day with futures falling further is followed by...

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  1. An up day!

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  2. A down day!

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  1. an up day!

    What do you think?
  2. I think a test of the lows around 1484.0 is more likely especially since the S&P closed below the 50 day Moving average. It will probably gap down below 1510.0 at the open an then bounce up for the early part of the morning before sinking like a rock. Just a guess on my part I am certainly no expert.
  3. 6/8
    big down day, futures falling further, big rally next day.


    gap down day, going all the way down without bouncing to previous close

    But can it be so obvious?
  4. I am impressed by how fast the VIX jumped up. Makes me feel any selloff would be shortlived.
  5. VIX jumped on Monday even DOw was 10 points from its record close
    There is a lot of fear in the air
  6. which is part of what's helping the bull market

    NYSE short interest hit ALL time high recently for instance
  7. also, i find the title of this post telling

    the dow was down 1.05% today

    that's a "big down day"?

    have some perspective

    2% or more is a big down day.

    you are using a frame of reference that doesn't take into account the character of markets.

    1.05% may seem like a "big" down day, but that's only because we are currently in a relatively low volatility environment

    it's actually nowhere near a BIG down day.
  8. whoopdedo. I have little doubt you'll be bent over grabbing your ankles soon enough, whistler.
  9. LT701


    bet everything you have on it, and see what happens
  10. I bet by selling out of the money puts...so I win as long as it doesn't crash. With VIX so high already, I don't see how that can happen.
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