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  1. "Western Civilization" - ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Don't kid yourself. Capitulation to Islamic extremists is a done deal. Done their way.

    Phony pop-culture leftism rules in Europe and the US. People just want to watch the telly in their Che Guevara t-shirts. Or put on their Che sweatshirt to go out and buy some chips and a copy of "Us" or "hello!" magazine. Or put on their Che slippers and whack off to pictures of Britney Spears' beaver on the internet. And their Che-wear and computers are made in China where the US has shipped its GDP and manufacturing capability.

    The US just elected a Congress that wants to surrender in Iraq as soon as possible. Bush had his crackpot idea of making Iraq a democracy but - surprise - the Iraqis don't WANT democracy! LOL! They want the same tribal, Neanderthal society they've always had. Europe cowers while Iran builds a weapons capability that could wipe them out in a few minutes. Their only concern is how to sell the Iranians more technology to destroy them faster. Well, that, and how to best crawl and grovel before their new masters in their home-grown Muslim minority. Do a little reading about recent events in Belgium and the UK.

    Universities in the US and the rest of the world have whole departments devoted to teaching the idea that the US is the one true evil on Earth. Virtually all of the big media outlets around the world say the same thing. America is hated in most of Europe and Osama bin Laden is more popular than the US in most of Asia.

    Meanwhile, people in "the west" just want to be left alone to consume cheap crap like the slack-jawed morons that they are. If "Western Civ" goes down the crapper, oh well, just don't turn off the TV and my supply of cheesy snacks.

    The process will only accelerate because the educational system in western nations teaches both natives and immigrants that the culture they live in is to be hated. That it is worse than virtually anyplace else. The BBC, NY Times and others spread that message into every corner of the world.

    Western Civilization may not be dead yet but it sure smells funny. :D
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    hell..i had on friggin impressive P&L today....i ended in the green..but nothing spectacular.

    I have to say if nothing else it was a fun day.

    glad this shit can still put a smile on my face. :D

    wild..i would really like to know what propped up the market last 30 min...it seems very coordinated...like everyone is using the same program. either that or something very ccordinated.
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