Every Australian will learn how to speak Chinese.

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  1. Gillard: Australia must embrace 'Asian Century'
    By Monica Attard, for CNN
    updated 2:46 AM EDT, Mon October 29, 2012

    (CNN) -- Every Australian child should learn Mandarin, Hindi or other regional language as the nation's future is tied to the rise of the "Asian Century," Prime Minister Julia Gillard said in a policy speech on Sunday."Whatever else this century brings, it will bring Asia's return to global leadership, Asia's rise. This is not only unstoppable, it is gathering pace," Gillard said in a long-awaited policy white paper entitled, "Australia in The Asian Century."

    The policy outlines 25 objectives Australia must achieve by 2025 to take advantage of Asia's rise to boost the wealth of Australians.
    Chief among the goals are that every child learn an Asian language, in particular Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian or Hindi, and that they leave school having studied Asian culture.The Gillard government will create a new ministry of Asian Century Policy to drive the reforms across education, infrastructure, tax and regulatory reform.

    If the objectives are met, Gillard predicts about one-third of the Australian economy will be tied to Asia, up from 25% in 2011, and the average national income will increase to A$73,000 (US$75,700) per person, up from the current A$62,000.


    And so it has begun, Australians are becoming Asian.
  2. At least if they learn manadrin the Australian will be able to converse with intelligetn people rather than here in the US where we have to learn spanish in order to easier facilitate miranda rights and food stamp applications.

    just sayin..not sure if this is true but this is what I have bean told.
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