Every American owes $33,000 and the troubles go away

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  2. The estimated population of the United States is 304,906,899
    so each citizen's share of this debt is $33,722.51.


    Someone else is going to have to pony up for mom's share. She collects ss. My brothers in prison. My sister is on ssi, god know if her 6 kids are ever going to get a job. Me, I do what I can but I'm an on line minister so I'm tax exempt.
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    Glad you feel patriotic to want to be partisan in your blame, but your words only show that you don't understand politics.

    That $33,000 is truly $330,000 per person, closer to $1.6M per person since the majority of citizens alive create a net negative benefit to the tax system. Have you forgotten that any government estimate comes true in time with a zero on the end?
  4. All living past and present politicians and their descendants will pay for it.

    That's what they were elected for.
  5. $10 Trillion is just the start of it, the actual debt is closer to $100 Trillion:

    The total assets for the US are somewhere around $50 Trillion.

    Total assets - total liabilities = Net worth
    $50 Trillion - $100 Trillion = - $50 Trillion

    If you have a negative net worth, then you are "technically" bankrupt.
  6. We may wish that to be true, but none of their immediate family will ever want for money their entire lives. All they have to do is shake the money tree. It is us who will pay for it. They believe that is what we were born to do, pay for their lives.
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    That makes things so much better...:eek:
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    We have billions and we have trillions, methinks they're going to have to come up with the next word.

    So what's 1,000 trillion called?
  9. Godzillion!
  10. Correctamundo!

    And it will never change unless and until we have Revolutionary War II. And this time it will be to rid ourselves of the oppression of our own greedy, dishonest and corrupt Gummint instead of foreign tyranny. :mad:
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