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  1. Well,

    Here is my idea and I am looking for some feedback. I am a trader and a financial consultant. I also climb mountains in my spare time.

    This year a man who was sponsored by motorola made the world's highest cell phone call from the Summit of Everest.

    I am climbing Mt. Everest next year in a charity climb in an effort to build a new school in Nepal. We are a 501c and able to acesept tax decutable donations.

    Well I was thinking about climbing to the summit with a blackberry or similiar device and place a trade from the highest point on earth.

    I have already sent a propsal to Rimm the maker of Blackbery and am waiting to see if they would be interested in sponsoring my charity climb.

    What do you guys think?? I think it is an awsome idea, and something never done before that would probabbly generate a lot of interest.
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    Prolly have better luck with one of thr brokerages, something like "Our platform is so good that you can tade with us from anywhere, even the summit of Mt Everest". Or one of those inspirational type ads "People who have the forsight, skill, and intelligence to successfully plan and execute a expedition to the summit of Mt Everest also the forsight to plan their retirement with XXXX lik our client who seen here making a change to his portfolio mix from the summit" Or the idiot proof angle, "Our software is so easy to navigate that even a delirious oxygen deprived hypoxic client at the summit of Mt Everest was able to place at trade"

    Good luck. Also check out firstgiving.com to get individual sponsors.

    im psyched for you. i believe you should be able to obtain multiple sponsors--try the FX brokers, large futures firms and the big discount equity brokers. do you get cell reception on the summit--(frankly, im very surprised about the motorola ad that its possible), or do you need to go satellite? i sent you a PM, please keep me posted on the progress.

    Best wishes on the climb,

  4. I'm sure the ToS guys would love publicity like this
  5. Buy a round lot Berkshire Hathaway!
  6. Scottrade would be most likely to do it.

  7. Why not get ET to sponsor you and make the worlds highest forum post? :D

    Good Luck!
  8. Not a bad idea, I'll talk to Baron and see if he is interested in some sort of sponsorship. Yeah ,Elite trader from the summit of Everest.
  9. "A" kind of course...

    Milly...sick idea. Good luck!

  10. Yes, That is the idea I have, I will be sending proposals to compaines like MSFT, GE, exct... and ask them what there Bid is to have me but there stock from the summit.

    This will be good advertising for them, because if I get interviewed and maybee on CNBC, who knows, people will ask why did you choose to buy such and such stock.

    Then I can play up there company and yada, yada,
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