Ever wondering how advanced the world would be if men cared less about women

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  1. I was just going through my credit card statement and realized and my big purchases were a result of my addiction to women. $200 valentines dinner, basketball game tickets, clothes...etc

    Just imagine if men didn't give a rat's ass about pussy. Do you realize how much would be accomplished? I'm sure during the time of Jesus, that they'd already had made it to the moon
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    Or conversely we may do nothing because of lack of motivation.
  3. Doing nothing, getting nowhere, without anything...end of humanity. Point blank, period.:eek:
  4. You know what Chris Rock said, the only reason men buy a house is because women won't fuck them in a cardboard box.
  5. There's a narrow band of motivation that makes men do great things. It's not there when men don't care about women whatsoever and it's not there when a man is married and has been for a while.
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    I can't imagine a better way to spend money than to go out with someone I like and have a good time.

    Where it is irresponsible is if you borrow to do it. The only thing we should ever borrow for is a house, a car maybe, an education, and to start a business. The rest you have to save for, or if you put it on cc, pay off the balance the next month.

    A good way to do this is to use a card that enforces this, like American Express.
  7. Just imagine where'd you'd be if your daddy didn't like pussy

    the best part of you might have been washed out in a sock :D
  8. personally i dont like people very much, i find that its a drain on my energy level
  9. Richard Pryor said if he could suck his own dick, he'd save 70K a year.:D
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