Ever wondered what are the *real* inflation numbers?

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  2. I love this the most!!!!


    We're basically in stagflation since 1990! 18 Years. Wow, I feel enlightened now!
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    true, how people can believe this garbage is beyond me. just look at standards of living in the last decades they could have not possible went up like this in this gloomy world the gold crowd believes
  4. the gold crowd is watching this
  5. Maybe your standards of living has changed
    but overall population is poorer than 10 years ago
    and much poorer than 30 years ago
    ANd that's even considering official infaltion rate
    Check Internet there are a lot of information there
  6. You mean in Cuba? Or Cambodia? Or Bangladesh?
  7. When I first thought of buying a Toyota Land Cruiser (1970), it cost $2,795. Today, $56,000. That's an 8.2% average annual inflation rate... and I think it's much closer to the REAL inflation rate in the US rather than the bilge the Gummint keeps feeding us sheeple. :mad:
  8. Standard of living is only a perception. The 2 basic material things that people judge wealth is your home, and car. One can have $10k in the bank and financing a nice home and a nice car, living paycheck to paycheck.. This is possible via the slave bait that is being administered to us all. It's temptation they use. I see so many who have beautiful homes and real nice cars who living in fear they'll lose it all tomorrow. That's not a rich lifestyle, it's a slave life. Nobody can take away what's rightfully yours... but most people don't really own what they think is theirs.

  9. I mean USA
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