Ever print off the wrong economic calendar?

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  1. I was just glancing at my calendar thinking there was no news this morning and it was going to be a slow choppy day... Entered a buy on the ES at 9:56:55 and exited just after 10am because I timed the entry bad. The market was acting a little fishy and sizes on the L2 were strange too...

    Normally I wait 15-30 minutes after news releases to start trading.

    I happened to glance at the headlines an hour later and see it mention some economic news and I was like wtf? I looked back at my nasdaq calendar and it seems I printed off the last week of April instead of the first week accidentally. LoL!!!

    Now I understand why were trending! I didn't expect any catalysts for a real market move today...
  2. Can you please explain it to me:confused:
  3. Well... In a bull market when there is a no news day the market usually just goes into brutal grinding slowly upward chop... It doesn't trend like today.

    That what you were asking about?

    Or were you asking about how I was mystified by the L2 sizes dropping down to around 600-800 across twenty strikes around 10am? Then increasing back to around 2000 later.
  4. wher are your trades posted?cause you have a line of shit a mile long

    i've read a few your posts, just general nonsense not much more, actually less
  5. In the journal forum I started a thread. Didn't really trade much today. Decent entries but didn't hold my trades like I should have. Something was feeling off. Made a few coins only when I should have nailed a bunch of handles. Blah! Green is green though. *Shrug*

    Tomorrow should be good trading.

  6. did you end green? i mean you seem to give a lot of advice (albeit, generality)for someone that admittedly
    couldn't pull a few cents out of the FREAKING BULL RUNS of BULL RUNS?:confused: :D
  7. Of course.

    I generally prefer to trade range trades heavily. When the market starts getting more volatile I only trade around lunchtime. When it starts getting ridiculous like during a correction I just step away.

    You can have your trends. Ill take a nice 10 range up and down day please...
  8. iow, you like to SHORT TOPS,heh heh :D

    we ALL do,
  9. LoL... I was just thinking about how much fun this market is going to be midweek once it starts getting a little more volatile and sideways.

    Topping out markets are nice to short, but I also like bottoming out days just as much.

    My least favorite is one directional grind days. Up or down... They just don't feel right. Emotionally holding a position during a slow grind up is just nail biting. Even with a stop locking in a profit as it goes... It just sucks! LoL
  10. I had a real tough time today..huge trend days seem to give me the fits. but should i change the way i view the markets in the short term, OR just accept that I, too, may be a range trader?:( top & bottom picker:D

    isn't that what a "range trader" is..a top and bottom picker..or do you see it as smthgt else? really interested in your POV on this
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