ever placed a single trade in his life???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Joe Momma, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. YO MOMMA!

    rofl oh man.. :p
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  2. And Joe Daddy

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  3. LOL :p
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  4. Watch out folks word on the street is that thunderingvagina is about to make her biggest long bet in history tomorrow. Yep you got it folks she is going to buy a whopping 6 shares of FNM for a total purchase price of 4 dollars and eighty cents, watch for heavy short covering tomorrow when she decides to plow through all offers trying to amass what she considers a MONSTER long position.

    Make sure you seperate those 1 share buy orders thundergina, you wouldnt want to tip your MONSTER hand to the specialist.

    Future price Target on FNM 90$ (Atleast thats where i think it will stabalize after thunderingvaginas massive wave of buying 4 shares is done)
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  5. Who changed thread’s title ?
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  6. No idea. But, more importantly, who's in charge of Joe Momma's medication? I'm sensing a lithium supply/demand discrepancy.
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