ever placed a single trade in his life???

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  1. Has "thunderingvagina" ever placed a single trade in her life???

    Simple yes or no will suffice.
  2. who?
  3. Lucrum


    You mean "simple question"?

    No way to know for sure, but I doubt it.
  4. oh yes she's placed trades..

    fading her might be your best strategy
  5. Picture in your mind's eye a steaming pile of shit. Now imagine that this steaming pile of shit was granted the power to move and was given rudimentary cognitive capability. Next, visualize that this steaming pile of shit was somehow able to access a computer, complete with Internet capability. And, by some inexplicable force of nature, this steaming pile of shit sprouted functioning arms and hands, equally composed of steaming shit piles. Imagine, if you will, what such a steaming pile of shit might type onto his newly-acquired computer and into a web site of dubious and diminishing distinction:
  6. If you ask thunderdog to give even a small amount of insight about trading he will fail miserably.

    We know you can write a novel about steaming piles of shit but do you actually know anything about trading?

    Prove it...
  7. Just as i thought
  8. Perhaps she should just stick to the "shit"trade, though it may be tough. Even a piece of shit knows enough to avoid thundergina, and her incohherent rants.
  9. By your reckoning, that piece of shit is a higher life form than you are since, according to you, it can avoid those "rants," whereas you can't.
  10. PIKER!!!!!!
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