ever heard of a trader named Alex Antoniou

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    He teaches a seminar called Theory of Eight. He seems to use Gann type methods.
  2. Maverick1


    Alex is that you? :)

    Checked out your twitter account: there's a trade listed there in EURUSD: short 100 at 1.18522 at 15:57:50 and cover at 1.18511 at 15:58:13 for $1,100...


    That strike anyone as realistic?...
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  3. Quotes from the twitter link Maverick1 provided above:

    "Founder of the Unique "Theory of Eight". The seminar that teaches you the EXACT Price & Time levels. This is what you need to know !"

    "Very happy to have completed the first 1000 orders in 5 trading days with a profit of +32.6% and a success rate >96%"

    "We collected profit EXACTLY at the lowest possible level 1.1670"

    Buyer Beware IMO...
  4. ...just stop there and buy him a beer. It has a better return and lower risk.
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    I'm not Alex Antoniou. After you said that I looked at the Dax. I've never traded it but I looked it up. It seems like the minimum increment is .5 so I unless I'm missing something his 12939.3 and 12940.6 aren't possible. Thanks.
  6. He needs to put up Myfxbook or GTFO. Metatrader statements are so easy to edit..anyone can be a OTC CFD millionaire.
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    whodat indeed!

    Maybe even who did it and ran - with your money.
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    100% profitable trades... what... you don't believe him? You don't think that's possible? Are you a skeptical person or something? :D ;)

    "Over 11,000 manual both long & short trades with 99,02% success rate and 90% ROI from Oct 2012-Oct 2013 with 0,69% risk ratio."

    I find it always so amusing when people think guys like this can actually do this... hilarious.

    99% success rate... sure... 90% ROI... hmmm. And I did see something like 500k start somewhere... why on earth would anyone with these stats bother doing seminars @whodat ?
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    You're Dan right? Dan Socrates? I think @Maverick1 is pointing to the query in Twitter on March 23 from Alex Engelheart aka Dan Socrates...
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    Yes, I understand and I agree. I don't trade forex but what I remember reading about he'd have to be trading enough for about $1000 a pip which is not what it looks like on the statement. He has other account statements that look like they could be legitimate but not that one. I don't trade Dax either but it from what I looked up about it the Dax entries don't correct either. He has other statements where the Dax looks like it could be legit.

    Someone made a comment about him catching the exact top or bottom or within a pip or tick. From the articles I've read about him, he uses Gann's square of nine and 50% line. Those frequently come within a tick or two or even to the tick so I don't find that so surprising. He could wait until he hits one of them and post it and not post the others that don't pan out.
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